About Paula

Singer; Musician; Actor; Cantorial Soloist; Choir leader; Artist Educator Youʼll find the gory details about Paulaʼs 35-year career as an award-winning theatre professional on the “STAGE CREDITS” page. Suffice to say here that sheʼs been in many, many shows, big and small.

An artistʼs quest to remain relevant through the vagaries of “show business” means constant re-invention and regrouping.

Paula is now reconnecting with her musical talents and finds great pleasure in facilitating singing with numerous groups: Alzheimer/Dementia patients; “Special Needs” children; the mentally ill. She is the Director of a very successful choir for Parkinsonʼs patients. Paula is also a Cantorial Soloist at Shir Libeynu.

You can book Paula to lead a fun and custom-made “Sing-along Salon” in the comfort and privacy of your own home. She arrives with guitar, lyric sheets, and rhythm instruments, accommodating up to 20 participants.