Cold season

Hello, dears!

I think your old Aunt Hattie is getting the knack of this blogging thing! The world wide “web” is VERY interesting.  I still don’t want one of those newfangled gadgets, though.  I enjoy my freedom and don’t relish being at anyone’s beck and call, morning, noon and night.

A number of my friends are coming down with colds already.  The season is changing and germs abound.  Drink your fluids, wash your hands (with SOAP, not that sanitizer stuff) , and don’t put them anywhere near your mucus membranes.  If you are unfortunate enough to catch a cold, here’s what to do:

Put 7 dried beans in your pocket.  Take one bean out of the pocket each day.  At the end of 7 days, you will be miraculously healed!

Be sweet with each other, Aunt Hattie


  1. Peter Fenton says

    Dear Aunt Hattie,

    If I don’t have any dried beans would 7 pebbles work as effectively? Or squirrels? I’ve got plenty of squirrels. They’re not dried so they’d wriggle around a bit, but if I taped them into my pocket …

    • Aunt Hattie says

      Dear Peter,
      I don’t advise playing rough with wild animals, dear. If you know what I mean. I have plenty of beans and will be happy to share them with you anytime. Wishing you continued good health, your, Aunt Hattie.

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