Hattie hiatus…

Pen and paperDears,

You’ve all been so sweet and supportive, and I thank you for it. Your old Aunt Hattie is going to take a blog-break. I want to unplug from the modern age for a while and go back to the old pen and paper and keep my thoughts to myself. I’m seeing a world that seems to think it’s connected and connecting, all the while with heads down into the communication device as the dog is walked, the baby strolled, the car is driven. It’s madness to me. And dangerous.
Be sweet with each other. Make eye contact with a stranger. Look up and see the hawks circling the downtown towers. Keep your eyes and ears open to the “now”.
With great affection, your,
Aunt Hattie.


  1. Hey Aunt Hattie!
    You’ve worked so hard… you deserve a break.
    Hop on that Harley Davidson of yours and head down to route 66, let your hair down… Enjoy!

    We’ll see you again, someday… perhaps.

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