Passe Penny…

Canadian Penny Auction 20091229Hello, my dears!

Have you seen that Paula is going to be performing in Toronto soon?  Look on the “upcoming” page for details.  I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that she will be asking me to participate…If she doesn’t ask me soon, I shall just inform her that I WILL be turning up in my sequins for a much needed “star turn”.

Now, what are we going to do, when the Canadian penny is no more? What of the phrase “when the penny drops”, or “a penny for your thoughts” or “penny-wise, pound-foolish”? It’s made me all nostalgic for the dear things and so I have ordered me a piece of penny jewelry from Renee Gruszecki and her company Coin Coin
( in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Have a look, and treat yourself. You deserve it.

Hoping to see you all on April 5, 7 pm at the Flying Beaver in Toronto.

With great affection, your old Aunt Hattie

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