Mother Nature knows…!

Mother Nature KnowsOh, my dears, I’m sorry!  I have not been regular with my postings. This is a brand new world to your Aunt Hattie.  I think that I can’t quite believe anyone would be interested in the ramblings of an old lady, but our Web Whiz Gilles, who created this website, assures me that I do have valuable insights, due to my length of time walking (now hobbling) on this planet.

I’ll tell you what brought a tear of joy to my eyes today, as I navigated my way through the wintery gale – the sight of new maple leaf buds, curled up tightly against the arctic conditions, just waiting for the warmth of the sun and the rain showers of April to enable them to burst forth again.

The world continues to go ’round, and Mother Nature knows what she is doing, despite our best efforts to control her.  So, layer up, my dears! Don’t forget your hats and mitts, and be sweet with each other.


Aunt Hattie

Cold season

Hello, dears!

I think your old Aunt Hattie is getting the knack of this blogging thing! The world wide “web” is VERY interesting.  I still don’t want one of those newfangled gadgets, though.  I enjoy my freedom and don’t relish being at anyone’s beck and call, morning, noon and night.

A number of my friends are coming down with colds already.  The season is changing and germs abound.  Drink your fluids, wash your hands (with SOAP, not that sanitizer stuff) , and don’t put them anywhere near your mucus membranes.  If you are unfortunate enough to catch a cold, here’s what to do:

Put 7 dried beans in your pocket.  Take one bean out of the pocket each day.  At the end of 7 days, you will be miraculously healed!

Be sweet with each other, Aunt Hattie

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