Cell phones

Hello again, dears!

This is a very odd thing, blogging. Time was, a person conversed with a person, face to face, or they used a pen to write on paper, then put it in a stamped envelope and mailed it off.   Now I worry for people’s safety, with their heads down in those gadgets, driving, walking across the street, pushing a baby carriage!!

Back in the very old days, we had a thing called a “telephone”; it came out of the wall and you sat with it and spoke with a person at the other end of a very long wire, sitting in THEIR house with their telephone.  My sister used to keep a list of possible subjects taped to the wall in case she ran out of things to talk about with her boyfriends. That telephone was in the kitchen, so there were precious few secrets in a family. Don’t forget how to speak out loud with your friends and family, and kindly don’t bring those gadgets to the dinner table!

Be sweet with each other,  Aunt Hattie

Colour inside the lines

Hello, dears,

This is your Aunt Hattie, with her very first BLOG! I’ve been asked to pass along my handy hints for happy healthy living.  I hope you find them useful; I HAVE learned a thing or two in my 86 years on this planet and I’m happy to share them with you.

I know that most teachers encourage youngsters to “colour inside the lines” at school.  Some of you may balk at this concept thinking that it stifles a child’s creativity.  I suggest that you beat this behavior into them at every opportunity.  It will serve them well later, when they text and drive.

Be sweet with each other,  Aunt Hattie