Watch Where You’re Going…!

Watch where you're goin

Watch where you’re going!

Hello, my dears.

My, it’s been quite some time since I wrote you last! I may as well resort back to the old-fashioned way, searching out a current stamp, finding a mail box and a handsome Canada Post deliverer. I think it’s called “snail nail” now.

At any rate, I’ve become increasingly troubled by the habits of many, in this new age of electronic communication. It seems we’re in such a rush to “connect” and “get back to you” that many heads are down, focused into these devices, that one no-one sees the bird overhead, or the flower at our feet, never mind the bus, car or truck driver who ALSO has THEIR head down, not paying attention. I think it’s no co-incidence that more pedestrians are getting killed. In many places you will find padded lamp posts, necessitated by the frequency of people running smack into the concrete poles and rendering themselves unconscious.

I find myself, in my most surly of moments, having to hold myself back from sticking out my foot and tripping up the unsuspecting and unaware creature whose head is down. Remember the old days, when it was amusing to see someone walking while reading a book?

This 86 year-old is very aware of tripping hazards – life is SHORT! Please don’t make it shorter. Be brave today, and try to catch the eye of a fellow human being and smile. You may even get a smile in return!

Your old,Aunt Hattie.


  1. Joanne Alexander says

    Hi Aunt Hattie 🙂

    Please tell Paula i`m all excited about tonight!! I have a feeling aunt Hattie will put more than her two-cents in teehee. BREAK A LEG SEE YOU TONIGHT :))

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